Spelling Wasps… OUCH

Today I experienced superior spelling among my peers.  WOW!  There are hidden wordsmiths in our midst.  Note, that I likely have spell check on right now as I am not equal to the ladies in the competition today between different divisions on campus.

Frankly, I bombed the spelling bee.

However, a few good bits came from this.  The most satisfying being the delight of my dyslexic child that her straight A, award winning, academic mom tanked on the spelling!  It was a moment of pure solidarity that can never be duplicated.  I understood her struggle, again, more clearly.  I got it how pressure creates panic and disorientation, and I got the importance of making time for either breakfast or lunch.:) Most of all I got how failure makes no friends.  This is important for me to get as a mom of a child with learning exceptionalities (need to point out that this last word is my FIRST spell check and it is NOT in the computer’s dictionary! )

So, thanks to my amazing colleagues (spell check admitted for this word – every time 🙂

I will now search for an image that compliments my inadequacy, learning, satisfaction all in one!  Wish me luck!


Technology or Time?

It’s dark and quiet but not for long.  Soon alarm clocks will ring, the house will fill with sounds of morning and the sleeting outside will become visible.  Coffee in hand, yawning, I am trying to conjure even a bit of the enthusiasm I had last Tuesday following the first You Show session with Alan and Brian.  How did almost a week pass?  How did “blog post” continue for 6 days on my todo list without happening?

Sitting here in the dark knowing my moments of reflection and solitude are waning, I wonder what happened?  What is the shape of this story – how did excitement become early morning pressure to publish?

So it started with excitement to engage in something creative, maybe even chaotic – something non-linear without an exact plan or outcome, maybe even something organic.  Then there was a suggestion to outline – OK a bit too much structure.  Next side-tracked by reading other posts and getting lost in others’ thoughts and processes.  Then the block, what do I have to say that anyone would read?  The typical pride/ fear writing can inspire.  Resolved to approach the exercise as reflection, to blog for myself, to follow the process.  OK now WHEN?  Later today, between those two meetings, after everyone is asleep, in the car parked outside the school waiting for kids to come out, maybe tomorrow….?

So, while I thought that technology would present my biggest challenge in participation, I now think that time represents the enemy.  Where will i find it?  Perhaps in the dark, cold, quiet mornings.

OK, the house is awakening.  Animals and people need to be fed, fire needs to be lit, lunches need to be made, car needs to be loaded, books need to be gathered…  it’s Monday!